Truck scale for contractor size loads and certified weights

Just drive up your truck and load right up on our scale. It's real easy and convienent.

Put-down container service

We offer container services to meet your needs. We drop off and pick up at your location. Please call us with questions or to set it up.

Pick-up services available

We have various pick-up services also available. If you are unable to bring your scrap to us, we will come get it from you. Please call us with questions or to set it up.

Forklift and Front-end loader assistance

We have professional operators specially trained to assist you when you need help

Purging of refrigerants from all devices

We provide purging of un-purged items at a cost of $15.00. Items must be purged in order to protect our ozone layer from the chemicals (as well as it being illegal to let freon in the air).

We also sell rags---Let us know how many you need