Truck Scale for Bulk Loads

Just pull onto the scale with your load and you will be directed where to offload.
We also offer weights certified by a state licensed weighmaster and weights just out of curiosity for a reasonable charge.

Certified Weight: $10
Curiosity Weight: $5

Roll-Off Container Services

We offer Container Services for all scrap metals. We drop off and pick up at your location.

Current bulk container sizes are 18, 30, and 40 cubic yard.

Minimum weight on Steel/Iron loads is 5000 lbs.
For minimums on non-ferrous, please call.

For all other questions or to set up a container drop, please call us!

Unloading Assistance

We have equipment operators on staff to assist in unloading loads of any size.

Refrigerant Recovery

We provide refrigerant / freon recovery from A/C units, Refrigerators, Appliances, and more at a charge of $10/unit.

Releasing refrigerants into the atmosphere is illegal and dangerous. Any items containing refrigerants must be purged before they can be recycled. Items not purged by us must be verified by a certificate or label from a certified technician.